Cure Yeast Infections With Home Remedies

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Published: 15th December 2010
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There are many remedies for yeast infection, also known as 'thrush' - so which one is the best to prevent and cure this unpleasant problem?

Yeast infection can be a problem for women, men and children alike, and unfortunately it can affect many areas on the body including the area of the armpit, the toes, and the genitals. It often develops in the vagina, which can be very uncomfortable and lead to inflammation and itching.

Yeast infections are caused by the Candida fungus, which lives on the human body. When the density of these organisms increases beyond the level the body can tolerate, signs of infection become obvious.

Normally, the vagina is rather acidic, but if the acidity level decreases due to menstruation, health imbalance, use of birth control pills, or any other reason, the yeast multiplies and causes signs of infection.

The most usual symptom of Candida is an itching (and perhaps a burning) sensation in the vagina. This starts with a sense of mild irritation which gradually becomes worse, until swelling and inflammation are all too obvious.

The skin around the vagina may very well become so sensitive that even light contact can cause discomfort, and of course in this situation the chaffing of underwear may become intolerable.

Women with an advanced stage of Candida are likely to see a discharge, usually white, thick and odourless. (By contrast, a bacterial infection usually produces a discharge with a strong smell; the discharge associated with yeast infection only has a somewhat yeasty smell. Another indicaton of infection is pain during sexual intercourse or when urinating.)

We recommend some simple strategies to alleviate yeast infection. Use only cotton underwear, for better moisture absorbency and softness. Don't wear denim jeans, as this material can increase temperature and moisture levels around the vulva, thereby providing an ideal environment for infection.

Please see your doctor if you suspect a yeast infection - they can confrim the kind of infection you have developed. Your doctor may recommend an anti-fungal cream, but there are some powerful home remedies available.


Dip a tampon in natural, bio-active, yogurt and insert it into the vagina (use two tampons a day dipped in yogurt). When the symptoms have cleared up, continue for another two days. Yogurt is a well-known home remedy for vaginal yeast infection as it contains probiotic bacteria, which overpower the yeast cells.

Tea Tree Oil

A few drops of tea tree oil diluted into olive oil, poured on a tampon, and internally inserted may well provide some relief because tea tree oil has many antifungal properties, all of which will help to control the Candida infection and alleviate the symptoms. Some women can have an adverse or allergic reaction to this oil, so be careful!


Garlic oil mixed with Vitamin E and a few drops of coconut oil can be useful, because garlic controls the infection, Vitamin E fortifies the skin, and the third member of this trio, coconut oil, contains certain fatty acids which revent the infection from developing so fast.

These yeast infection home remedies are described in more detail at Yeast infection home remedy. They will provide an effective cure but if all fails, take a visit to your doctor!

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